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Working Inside SwissRe: Thriving as a Product Led Speed Boat in a Traditional Organisation

In this talk Aditya will share how iptiQ (digital B2B2C insurance company within Swiss RE), a product led company, works differently and how it stays nimble within Swiss Re. Aditya will talk about:

-iptiQ’s vision and how iptiQ share its mission with Swiss RE.

-How we intend to unveil and progressively unleash the true potential of embedded insurance.

-How the company has established its processes and tools to incorporate both, B2B and B2C partner/customer needs.

-How the company has positioned itself to be flexible, innovative and evolve quickly.

-The leadership/culture within the organization


Aditya Singh

Aditya Singh Aditya Singh Firma


Aditya is the Chief Product Owner at iptiQ, leading the product owner and program management teams.  He has more than a decade experience in Product Management. Aditya joined iptiQ in 2021 from Amazon. Previously he has worked in different industries like Fintech, Automotive and telecommunications.

Aditya has a unique blend of hands-on technical experience and executive management skill used to develop and execute strategic business and product plans. He is passionate product champion.