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Do or Do Not. There is No Try

When transforming a big company into an agile organization, the famous words of Yoda, the legendary Jedi Master of the Star Wars saga could not be more true. Becoming agile includes radical shifts in attitudes, values, mindsets, ways of thinking and ways of interacting that shake all company levels.

Changing the Operational Model of UBS poses particular challenges. How does UBS Switzerland steer its agile transformation strategically? What are the challenges during the transition phase, when parts of the company are further ahead than others? How did UBS motivate its employees to embark on the agile journey? And what does it take to make an agile transformation sustain across the whole company?

Andreas Künzler and Jürgen Holland reveal how the agile transformation is managed at UBS. They give insights into the bank’s mid to long term planning in the agile set-up in a VUCA world. They share their best practices and draw conclusions what worked and what did not work for UBS.


Andreas Künzler

Andreas Künzler Andreas Künzler Firma


Andreas Künzler joined UBS in 2011 and has experience in running some of the bank’s most complex change programs in Switzerland. In his current role, Andreas is heading the Client Needs Streams in the Agile Delivery Organization (ADO) at UBS. ADO was launched to implement Agile@UBS – one of the biggest transformations at UBS.

Before, Andreas was in several other roles at UBS – from leading major projects such as Lean for Growth and a regulatory project to different roles in designing UBS Switzerland AG, being Head of Project Management and Consulting as part of Group Finance.

Prior to UBS, Andreas worked at Clariden Leu, the exclusive private banking subsidiary of Credit Suisse as Head of Core Projects. He spent 8 years with McKinsey & Company focusing on operational excellence and sales force effectiveness, leading several major lean transformations. Andreas earned his diploma in business administration from the University of St. Gallen, Switzerland.


Jürgen Holland

Jürgen Holland Jürgen Holland Firma


Jürgen Holland is Stream Product Lead of the Be a Client Stream which covers all client journeys for retail banking and wealth management within the Agile Delivery Organization (ADO) at UBS.

Jürgen joined UBS in 2007. Working first in the Investment Bank, he became global change-the-bank head for FXMM Operations next. In 2011, Jürgen moved to WM IT and became global IT account manager for Operations. In 2013, he took over as operations stream lead for White, establishing a new banking subsidiary in Switzerland in mid-2015. He led the Operations Change Group 2014 and 2015.

Previously, Jürgen worked for Accenture in various roles in Switzerland, UK, France and Czech republic. Juergen holds a master’s degree in mechanical engineering and a bachelor in aerospace engineering from Stuttgart University, Germany.