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Stig Albertsen

Partner, Implement Consulting Group

09.30 – 10.15 Main-Hall

Agile – for real!

Most organisations have been experimenting with Scrum, Safe and other isolated agility initiatives – and yet, most leaders do not consider their own organization as a whole adaptable and agile.

Almost every large organization has Agile, Speed and Innovation as a key Must-Win battle right now – why is that? Because size correlates with bureaucracy, and bureaucracy kills courage and passion, which are key traits in building entrepreneurship and innovation.

Therefore a big question worthwhile solving right now: How to build truly agile and adaptable organisations that are fit for humans and fit for the future?

Organisations that thrive in the future will develop management models that are deeply human with a better balance between “Running the business” and “Changing the business” agendas.

Forward-thinking leaders will revisit the fundamental principles that they believe in that should guide every action in the organization and they will put management innovation on the agenda. They will work on making change feel more like a social movement, they will detox the bureaucratic leader and they will try to make innovation part of everybody’s job.

Short Bio

25 years of experience in consulting – specializing in Commercial Excellence, Strategy and Organisational Transformation. Chairman of Implement Consulting Group. Helps leaders think through transformations for impact. Leads collaborations with the best management thinkers on the planet like Roger Martin, Gary Hamel, Daniel Pink, Eric Ries and Clayton Christensen – to push our thinking in Implement and with key clients. Obsessed with questions like: How to make change feel more like a social movement – more rolled up than rolled-out, how to we kill bureaucracy to build humanocracy, how do we enable organisations to make great choices across, how do we reinvent management to better balance Running the business and Changing the business, how do we detox leaders and equip them with post bureaucratic capabilities, how do we build ecosystems that leverage the wisdom of the crowd and have more people think?

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