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10.45 – 11.15 Club

Triggering a Cambrian explosion to establish an AI-fueled organization 🇬🇧

There is still a lot of hype around digital transformations and now also artificial intelligence. Although the necessity to embrace these concepts is evident and the potential is huge for nearly all types of business, the long and hard way to implementation is seldomly lined out transparently. Especially for established businesses with existing legacies. As the leader of your organization, it is your job to answer and address the key questions that can trigger a Cambrian explosion to digitally transform and leverage the potential of AI for your organization: How do you cultivate trust to enable autonomy, continuous improvement and experimentation? How do you tune product, technology and data to allow for personalization at scale? How do you design your organization to really be agile and increase implementation speed?

Steven will share his experience from successfully putting into effect a digital transformation and building an AI-fueled organization at the Neue Zürcher Zeitung (as well as the mistakes he made along the way) and what he is planning to do differently in his current role as CEO of Comparis.ch, Switzerland’s leading consumer empowerment platform.

Short Bio

Steven’s purpose in life is to cultivate trust. Since March 2019 he is the CEO of comparis.ch, Switzerland’s leading consumer empowerment organization. Previously he was a member of NZZ-Mediengruppe’s executive management board and managing director of the business unit NZZ Medien. Before that he was an associate partner in the Zurich office of McKinsey & Company and a leader in the European media practice. Steven is married and is father to three children.

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