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13.30 – 14.00 Club

How to Scale from Startup to IPO 🇬🇧

Startups are inherently agile. Every day feels like a fight to build a product or service that someone will pay for. The company is small, everyone knows what everyone else is doing, and everyone has high bandwidth communication. Because of those factors you can build iteratively and shift priorities quickly with full alignment.

Maintaining that agility as you scale is a real challenge. In this talk I will present how Yext navigated that scaling in a way that allows us to:
· be responsive to our customers
· innovate with strong R&D as the broader market and technology landscape evolve
· manage risk

Short Bio

Sean is Yext’s Chief Information Officer. He joined the company in February 2009 as Chief Technology Officer and the 4th engineer. He helped build the engineering team and product until February 2017 when he transitioned to building the systems that support the business. Prior to Yext, Sean was co-founder and CTO of Intwine, a software consulting company that he helped grow prior to completing its sale to Datran Media. After the acquisition, Sean was promoted to CIO of Datran, where his team supported the development and operations of Datran’s core technology platform. Sean graduated from Princeton University with a degree in Computer Science with honors.

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