Zur Partnerkonferenz Business Agility Day

Jörgen Stehr

Head of Clients & Channels IT

Don’t talk, walk! – Let’s discuss!

Eager to learn more about SUB’s journey towards strategic agility, to discuss our learning and successes and to share your questions and insights? Use the opportunity in this Q&A with Stephanie Hoogenbergen (Program Leader of AURORA and SUB IT COO) and Jörgen Stehr.

Short Bio

Jörgen is the Head of Clients & Channels IT of Credit Suisse (Switzerland) AG and is responsible for Online & Mobile Banking, Digital Onboarding & Partner Data Management, Channels Security and eFraud, CRM Solutions. Prior to his current role Jörgen built new teams, transformed and managed various large strategic initiatives in a “large scale agile setup” with globally distributed teams in different areas of Credit Suisse (e.g. Order Trade Management, F2B Digitalization, etc.).