Zur Partnerkonferenz Business Agility Day

Jeremy Seitz



A family scrum experiment gone wrong

As an engineer and CTO, I was fooled into believing that agile processes and being pragmatic are the key to success. And yet I watched as my own projects and others around me suffered from the same problems. During the last several years I discovered some tricks that seem to work.

Topics covered include:

– Where teams seem to struggle the most, and what to do about it
– The art of planning: across teams, and „breaking things down“ into smaller pieces
– How to inspire people and express vision without harming ownership and ambition
– The positive culture of failure, psychological safety, learning, and sharing

Short Bio

Originally from the USA, Jeremy is the new CTO of TX Markets, and current CTO of Ricardo.ch since 2017, managing several teams across three locations. As a consultant and technologist, he connects people and ideas, while passionately preaching agile culture. During his 30-year career, he co-founded two agencies and several startups in New York, worked as a full-stack web and mobile freelancer, building teams, speaking, writing, and managing projects for Nickelodeon, NBC, The New York Times and various e-commerce and marketplace businesses. During his free time he is a DIY hacker and modular synth enthusiast, a giant collection of second-hand treasures, a talented family, and two annoying cats.