Zur Partnerkonferenz Business Agility Day

Jan Engelberg

ASGR Client Solutions Lead / Senior Agile Advisor

Surrender! ..to reach the next wave of agility​

A perspective on what kind of leadership it takes, to enable the quantum leap to live agility as an organisation​

Surrender! Only those who dare to let go, are able to fly. ​

As the business in agility is coming to the forefront, Leaders need to start to rethink “leadership” and how they can impact the journey of their organization.​ In this talk we will show you a perspective on what kind of leadership it takes to enable the quantum leap from running agile delivery to live agility as an organisation. We will talk about how a business-driven attitude is equally essential as mindset growth , what to expect on this journey and why to start this shift now is vital for the survival of your organisation. We will share our experiences and how we think to be best positioned to ride the business agility wave without drowning.​

Short Bio

Jan has deep experience working with large enterprises on how to increase overall their agility both in their IT Delivery and from and overall Business perspective to meet current challenges from the market. In his previous life he was a Project Manager delivering global IT transformations and digital projects across multiple industry sectors.