Zur Partnerkonferenz Business Agility Day

Heidi Araya

Innovation Product Owner

Heidi Araya

Agile Hiring: Aligning culture & mindset with organizational goals

Agile teams and ways of working are proliferating in today’s world. The Agile Manifesto and principles tout “people over processes and tools,” and that “the best architectures, requirements, and designs emerge from self-organizing teams.” And of course, everyone talks about an “Agile Mindset.”

How can we understand what those things mean, so that we can hire the right people? How can we hire people who will be able to collaborate effectively in a cross-functional team?

Heidi will share the criteria for understanding cultural and individual mindsets so attendees can learn how to hire to align with an agile mindset. Attendees will leave with a practical message on how to find the right candidates for teams and how to work with existing team members to increase levels of self-organization, collaboration, empathy, and teamwork.

Short Bio

Heidi partners with companies to help solve agile, organization design and strategy execution challenges. A specialist in digital transformation for over 20 years, she’s no stranger to leading agile transformations in a wide range of global and distributed companies. Always bringing a pragmatic approach to her work, she collaborates with businesses to create more responsive, effective, and resilient teams. Heidi is currently Innovation Product Owner at Adaptavist and co-founder of the Open Leadership Network.