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Dr. Dominik

Chief Digital & Innovation Officer

10.45 – 11.15 Track+

Turbocharge Your Agility With a Serverless Architecture 🇩🇪

During the last few years, the concept of serverless has caused a real hype in cloud native application development. For good reasons, as serverless promises to boost agility in several ways: • Infrastructure is abstracted away from developers so they can focus on implementing business logic. • Automated scaling and elasticity allows to rapidly meet changes in demand. • Out-of-the-box building blocks speed up time-to-market for new applications and allow to acquire cutting-edge capabilities that would otherwise be difficult to build up. • The pay-per-execution pricing model allows to experiment, build and operate cost-efficiently. Dominik Langer will explain the tenets, use cases as well as benefits and drawbacks of serverless technologies for both developers and business.

Short Bio

Lebenslauf des Referenten (kurz) / Short biography of speaker
Dominik Langer is Chief Digital & Innovation Officer at adesso Switzerland. In this role he drives forward technological capabilities and innovation both internally at adesso as well as with clients. Before joining adesso, Dominik Langer was an Associate Partner leading the Competence Center for Digital Transformation at a management consultancy focusing on the banking and insurance industries. He has a broad background from software development and IT operations over research and development to management consulting at the interface between business and technology.

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