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Head IT of Digital Factory Management

13.30 – 14.00 Loft-2

Agile factory on a global scale 🇬🇧

UBS is rolling out a scaled agile setup globally in Switzerland, India and the APAC region. This affects about 5000 people. The goal is to better serve local businesses across the world while maintaining a common operating model.

A scaled agile setup enables the agile benefits of team empowerment, experimentation and client focused delivery in a flexible and lean manner while providing common ground for collaboration between locations across business and IT.

Setting up a global scale operating model requires sound preparation and the willingness to resolve upcoming issues as you go. Not everything can be perfect from the beginning. This requires patience and dedication to remove upcoming impediments. With this approach, UBS is not changing the work of specific project teams, we are changing the entire delivery organization.

Short Bio

Christian Bucholdt is Head IT of Digital Factory Management at UBS Business Solutions AG with responsibility for global rollout and management of the scaled agile approach at UBS Wealth Management P&C. He has extensive experience as IT Program Manager over many years using different methodologies. He earned a Master of science in Geographic Information Systems and an MBA from the University of Liverpool.

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