Zur Partnerkonferenz Business Agility Day

Carol Bigelow

Lead Service Management Plattform & Prozessmanagerin SACM

Next level Agility with BizDevOps

Being Agile, working with scrum or delivering often and fast with DevOps is worthless if we aren’t able to generate end-to-end value. At SBB, we reached a level of maturity where we needed to transform the Business to be able to deliver what was needed quickly. Our answer to do this effectively was to create mini BizDevOps ecosystems. On a daily basis, business, development and operations work together as closely as possible to co-create value end-to-end for their common customers. I would like to share with you our journey to this co-creation culture in BizDevOps teams on an operational level, including our struggles and lessons learned.

Short Bio

Carol has been with SBB since 2013, where she has held various roles relating to the introduction and management of new processes in request fulfillment, IT configuration management, and service management. Today, together with the Service Management Platform Team, Carol implements various corporate service management improvement initiatives across SBB’s principal divisions. Carol holds a bachelor degree in business informatics as well as a range of certificates in business analytics, process management and agile service management.