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Ari Byland /
Björn Schuster &
Paul Boekhout

13.30 - 14:45 Forest

Walk in Clinic for Scrum Masters & POs 🇬🇧

Short Bio

Björn is an Agile Coach with SwissQ, enabling teams and agile leaders to become agile and to improve continuously. His work includes Scrum as well as Kanban teams in one-team as well as multiple team approaches (scaled agile). He continuously challenges status quo, ensures necessary safety and trust within teams and leads agile values and principles by example.

Paul is an Agile Coach with SwissQ, enabling clients to thrive in agile way of working. His work and experience goes way beyond agile in IT and includes hardware development and agility in business and HR. He is a hands-on practitioner of Scrum, Kanban and everything in between. Paul also brings in the point of view of management and leadership where he has first-hand experience how management mingles with agile.

Ari is a passionate Professional Scrum Trainer at Scrum.org. From his current and former experience as Product Manager, Agile Coach, Development Manager and Software Developer, he is familiar with not only the difficulties of development teams and Scrum Masters, but also with those of the Product Owner. Ari Byland is a Professional Scrum Trainer and SAFe Program Consultant and holds a Master in Digital Business from the Zurich School of Economics.

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