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Rolf Wagner


Rolf Wagner is COO of the Swiss start-up GObugfree, where he is responsible for operational excellence. Before that, he spent 10 years at a leading Swiss consulting firm, where he helped build up the Digital Infrastructure competence area, among other things. Rolf holds an MSc ETH in Computer Science with a specialisation in Information Security.

Rolf is a passionate security expert and co-founder of several start-ups. He advises companies on security management and modern security architectures such as Zero Trust. He worked as a lecturer at the University of Applied Sciences Northwestern Switzerland, where he taught students the basic concepts of application security in the lecture “Application Security”.

Talk: Agile Business Models Require Agile Security Measures

How do you know if your IT systems and software really are secure? Almost every week, we read about cyber attacks in the newspapers. Conventional security measures are obviously reaching their limits. Digitization enables innovative business models and agile development methods enable the continuous release of new functionalities. However, this dynamism is increasingly leading to vulnerabilities, which cybercriminals are taking advantage of. On concrete business cases from renowned customers we show you how existing security measures can be effectively supplemented by the swarm intelligence of a community of trusted hackers and provide insight into how companies can proactively protect themselves.